The Top 10 Benefits of a New Roof

What exactly does a new roof mean for a homeowner? A roof replacement can be a huge decision and have an enormous impact on your home. Unfortunately,  many cannot afford to pay the amount a roof replacement costs, even when a replacement is absolutely necessary. At Indianapolis Roofing Siding will be able to direct and educate you in the right direction for helping to implement a plan for your potential roof replacement. What are the advantages and benefits in a new roof for your home? Below are 10 benefits that will help to educate you on why a New Roof can be vital to your home and its safety!!

The Top Ten Benefits of a New Roof

Property Value :

A new roof makes your home much easier to sell.

Return on Investment (ROI):

With an average ROI of 67-70%, new roofs are one of the best home improvement projects around.

Energy Efficiency:

Chances are that your old roof leaking cool air, meaning your HVAC system needs to work harder to achieve your desired indoor temperature.

Cost Effective:

A new roof allows your HVAC system to work more efficiently, thus saving you money on your monthly energy bills.


New roofs help to prevent health hazards, like mold and mildew, keeping your family safe.


The longer you wait to replace that old, dilapidated roof, the more dangerous the situation can become. An old roof in some cases may collapse or cause part of the home to become unstable.

New Technology:

Because roofs last such a long time, the technology of a new roof is no doubt several generations ahead of a roof that was put on in the early 1960s.

New Look:

The new roof can have windows or a skylight installed, which will bring more light into the attic or into the house in general.


No one wants the continued worry of a roof’s ability to withstand the elements and hardships of Mother Nature. Knowing your roof is solid, possibly warrantied for many years, and will keep your property dry and warm inside presents a wonderful peace-of-mind.

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